I consider myself more a documentarian than an artist. My style is classic, clean and true color. I'm not one to over-process my images or your faces -- I want my product to look like you and stand the test of time so you won't say in 30 years that "oh, that was the Instagram filter look of 2019." 

I try to make things as laid back and natural as possible for my portrait sessions. That said, I will pose you, even for those "candid" shots that are almost never fully candid. We'll have fun, walk our way through a park if we're outdoors and get you back to your day in no time.

I have a photojournalism degree from many moons ago and have been photographing families since 2006. I added commercial photography sometime around 2010, when I also started working for myself.

Thanks to that communications degree and current and past work experiences, I also have intermediate to advanced skills in desktop publishing/marketing design. I am experienced in creating print-ready files as well as web-based designs.

Contact me below for questions or pricing specific to your portrait or commercial photography needs or if you have a need for light design work for business or personal use.